A modern and extensive R&D facility with self certification qualifications, a varied team of specialists and more over the willingness to offer tailor made products to the needs of the end-user, have been key to PCO and its success.

Fountain solutions have been for years the strength of PCO. Strongly influenced by the development of isopropyl alcohol eliminating founts. Selected products also fulfil the the requirements of Heidelberg, MAN and KBA. During the last decade the technical team of PCO has expanded the supplies with all-round-pressroom chemistry product range. The current range includes:

  • Fountain Solution Concentrates;
  • Roller & Blanket washes;
  • Specialized Plate Chemistry;
  • Anti Set Off Powders;
  • Silicone Emulsions;
  • Waterborne Dispersion Coatings;

In addition to first class performance on press, our team focuses especially on those aspects, which contribute towards the creation of a clean and friendly environment.

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Print Graph
Printgraph group company

Printgraph was first established more than 50 years aging in 1961. The company has demonstrated to be an expert in the sales and distribution of high quality compressible offset printing blankets VULCAN® on the Italian market.

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PCO Europe B.V. is a holding company of PRINTGRAPH group manufacturing and distributing its own products for printing industry in over 70 countries around the world.

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