DYNA: Plate Chemistry

Plate Cleaners

Dyna Lithoprep CV Strong cleaning ability for fine toning work
Dyna Lithoprep BW Fast cleaning action, thick emulsion
Dyna Lithoprep Very safe for use on all weak coated CtP plate

Plate Protective Gums

Dyna Gum ST Standard universal gum, conventional/CtP
Dyna Gum Baking Plate baking gum, conventional/CtP

Other Plate Chemicals

Dyna Plate Corrector (Pen) Come with 2-in-1 with fine and broad tip
Dyna PDV Conventional plate developer
Dyna CtPDV Tailor-made CtP plate developer


Print Graph
Printgraph group company

Printgraph was first established more than 50 years aging in 1961. The company has demonstrated to be an expert in the sales and distribution of high quality compressible offset printing blankets VULCAN® on the Italian market.

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PCO Europe B.V. is a holding company of PRINTGRAPH group manufacturing and distributing its own products for printing industry in over 70 countries around the world.

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