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As the business centre of PRINTGRAPH GROUP for Asia Pacific, we are becoming closer to the customers in the region. Fountain solution concentrate, Press Cleaner and Dispersion Coatings are our main products.
A strong demand in preserving the environment globally has lead to an extensive research and development of safe products and eliminating of environmental unfriendly elements like Isopropyl Alcohol and heavy metals.
We take concern on the prohibited hazardous materials during the stage of research and formulating, this to ensure our products are safe to be used.
Selective products also comply with all requirements set forth by press manufacturer e.g. Heidelberg, MAN and KBA etc.
PCO EastGate Sdn Bhd produces a range of printing chemicals and handles a portfolio of over 8 types of chemicals including:

  • Fountain Solution Concentrate
  • Blanket and Roller Cleaner
  • Plate Chemistry
  • Anti-set-off Powder
  • Silicone Emulsion
  • Press Maintenance Chemical
  • Dispersion and UV Coating
  • Folding Glue

Newspaper Founts
MiraFount 2113 Premium fount for newspaper presses
MiraFount 2116 All-rounder fount for all printing presses including heatset and sheetfed presses
MiraFount 2115 Fount for spray/turbo and wide width format printing
MiraFount 2118 Economical fount
MiraFount 2119 Neutrally buffered fount
Heatset Founts
MiraFount 2120 Premium fount for heatset presses
MiraFount 2121 Economical fount
MiraFount 3122 IPA reducer/eliminator
Sheetfed Founts
MiraFount 4111 Premium fount for all packaging printing
MiraFount 4112 Economical fount for general printing
MiraFount 3123 IPA reducer/eliminator
MiraFount 4114 Prevent Calcium soap deposition during printing
MiraFount 4126DR Fountain pre-incorporated with ink drier
Fount Support Chemicals
Mira IPA Replacer Alcohol substitute
MiraKleen System Fountain circulating system cleaner
Mira Water Hardener Water hardener
Mira Water Drier Ink drier added into fount system

General Blanket and Roller Washes
MiraSol 40AR Aromatic blend blanket and roller wash
MiraSol 60 Aliphatic blend blanket and roller wash, flash point at 620C
MiraSol 100 Aliphatic blend blanket and roller wash, flash point at 1050C
MiraSol Enviro Vegetable oil derivatives cleaner, flash point > 1100C
UV Blanket and Roller Washes
MiraSol UV EPDM Strictly to be used on EPDM roller only
MiraSol UV I All-rounder wash for UV, Conventional and Hybrid ink on mix-roller
MiraSol UV II Special blend wash gentle to plate
Special Cleaners
MiraKleen BR Blanket and roller rejuvenator
Mira DGlaz Ink roller deglazer
Mira DGlaz Aqua Water based ink roller deglazer
Mira DCal Water based Calcium soap deposit remover
MiraKleen DR I Solvent based dampening roller cleaner
MiraKleen DR II Water reducible metering roller cleaner
MiraKleen DVT I Developing tank cleaner
MiraKleen DVT II Developing tank cleaner for photopolymer plate
MiraKleen Aqua Cleaner for water based inks and coatings
MiraKleen Metal Water based cleaner for press frames

MiraPuff 150 Coated starch based powder with average particle size of 15m
MiraPuff 350 Coated starch based powder with average particle size of 35m
MiraPuff 150V Soluble varnishing powder

Plate Cleaners
MiraKleen Plate High cleaning strength universal plate cleaner
MiraKleen Plate CtP High quality universal CtP compatible plate cleaner
Plate Gums
MiraGum I Universal plate gum for both conventional and CtP plate
MiraGum II Economical plate gum for both conventional and CtP plate
MiraGum Bake Highly efficient baking gum

MiraSil 60 High concentrated silicone emulsion, can mix water upto 1:25
MiraSil 35 Concentrated silicone emulsion, can mix water upto 1:15
MiraSil 35A Concentrated silicone emulsion with enhanced anti-static property, can mix water upto 1:15
MiraSil AST Anti-static additive

MiraCryl 8100 Universal aqueous coating
MiraCryl 8111 Aqueous coating with enhanced gloss property
MiraCryl 8112 Aqueous coating for work and turn job
MiraCryl 8113 Aqueous coating with enhanced rub resistance property
MiraCryl 8114 Aqueous coating with enhanced set-off resistance property
MiraCryl 8211 UV primer aqueous coating
MiraCryl 8212 Aqueous coating for metallic substrate and ink
MiraCryl 8213 Aqueous coating for calendering endless presses
MiraCryl 8214 Water resistance aqueous coating
MiraCryl Matt 8311 Matt effect aqueous coating
MiraCryl Press 8900G Gloss water reducible ductor varnish
MiraCryl Press 8901M Matt water reducible ductor varnish

MiraLac 9111 Quality gloss UV coating
MiraLac Matt 9311 Quality matt UV coating
MiraLac Press 9900G Gloss UV ductor varnish
MiraLac Press 9901M Matt UV ductor varnish

Mira Lube Paste Idle roller paste
Mira Lube Gel Idle roller oil
Mira Lift Blanket repair gel
Mira Ink Gel Offset ink tack reducer
Mira Ink Drier Offset ink drier
Mira Protect Metal roller corrosion preventer
More products are listed in our product guidance. PCO EastGate can also go beyond to formulate a custom solution to meet your special printing needs. Please enquire from our distributors nearest to you or feel free to call us for more information.


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Printgraph was first established more than 50 years aging in 1961. The company has demonstrated to be an expert in the sales and distribution of high quality compressible offset printing blankets VULCAN® on the Italian market.

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PCO Europe B.V. is a holding company of PRINTGRAPH group manufacturing and distributing its own products for printing industry in over 70 countries around the world.

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