Our Missions

  • Be a source of excellence for our customers;
    Customers are our foundation. Suppliers are our ground. Our relationships with customers and suppliers are based on principles of respect and mutual benefit. We aim to develop profitable and lasting relationships. Our structures are built basing on what we do well and innovate to meet up customer needs by offering products and services that are ‘value for money’.

  • Provide a challenging professional and merry working experience for our employees;
    We respect the experience and skills of our staff and value the contribution that every person makes to the business team. We recognize that pride and enjoyment in the job come from commitment, leadership and accomplishment. We aim to work together to reward, train and develop our staff in ways that acknowledge performance and individual abilities.

  • Be a rewarding investment for our shareholders;
    We are responsible to all our shareholders to operate the company with care, efficiency and, of prime importance, at a profit. We aim to earn the profits needed to provide a consistent increase in the value of our shareholders' investment, obtain the highest credit ratings and finance the ongoing development and growth of our business.

  • Held accountable to social and community, preserve environment and improve life
    We recognize that our actions must acknowledge our responsibilities for the wellbeing and stability of the community as a whole. We aim to support the community through the involvement of our staff in voluntary roles, in addition to which we pledge to donate a contribution to charitable causes. Besides, we are committed to support organizations/programs which improve and preserve the natural environment.

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Print Graph
Printgraph group company

Printgraph was first established more than 50 years aging in 1961. The company has demonstrated to be an expert in the sales and distribution of high quality compressible offset printing blankets VULCAN® on the Italian market.

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PCO Europe B.V. is a holding company of PRINTGRAPH group manufacturing and distributing its own products for printing industry in over 70 countries around the world.

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